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    Frequently Asked Questions

    What is Mako Documents?

    A company driven to provide the best service with tasks that few people strive to do. We scan, store, organize and shred documents no matter the amount and our only focus is you the customer.

    Will you benefit my business?

    Never Misplace Another file: We can locate any lost file in minutes using our proprietary software and tracking systems.


    Keep Your Business 100% HIPAA Compliant: Your records are locked, secured and barcoded in our HIPAA compliant warehouse.


    Digitize Your Files for Instant, Remote Access: Secure, password-protected file retrieval any time, any place.


    You Want It Gone? It’s Gone. Permanently: Shred trucks will destroy your documents ON SITE and give you a certificate of destruction.

    Why should we choose Mako Documents?

    Key differences from traditional document storage and shredding companies:
    Fully HIPAA compliant
    * “Outside-the-box thinking for your storage needs.
    Specialized organization for every storage customer.