Mako Documents Storage

File cabinets no more.


We keep you compliant and your documents safe.

Maximize Your Space

File cabinets take up 499 sq/ft of space in a typical organization, outsourcing storage will maximize your usable space

Keep, Don’t Store

Outsourcing document management to simplify workflow improves productivity by 30 percent.

You Use A Lot of Paper

The average worker generates 45 sheets of paper each day

Save Your Time

The average office worker spends 400 hours per year searching for lost documents, outsourcing storage can significantly reduce lost documents

  • HIPAA Compliant¬†– Strict procedures to ensure storage is up to code
  • Monitored 24/7¬†– Burglar and fire alarms, as well as video surveillance
  • Barcode-tracking software¬†– Accurate storage, retrieving, and the delivery of boxes, files and documents